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Improved Communication and Coordination for Major Events at Vanderbilt University
Vanderbilt University Stadium
The Challenge

Vanderbilt University is no stranger to major campus events. Whether graduation, large sporting events, or a concert, the Vanderbilt University Police Department and its Emergency Management group are always searching for additional ways to improve efficiency and coordination during these events.

Vanderbilt first approached AppArmor in 2017 about the possibility of working together on the deployment of a new kind of app on the AppArmor platform. The challenges that Vanderbilt was facing were threefold:

  • The institution needed a more reliable and secure way to provide event or emergency information to team members
  • Better communication between personnel in the field and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was needed.
  • Maintain a full view of personnel in the field via the EOC was needed for larger-scale, planned campus events.

Using the foundation of a previously prototyped product line (known originally as “AlertGo”), AppArmor Command was upgraded to meet the needs of Vanderbilt.

Being that our operation can be very fluid and fast-paced, AppArmor Command has been very beneficial to us.

Carmen Marks, Program Coordinator Special Operations Unit
The Solution

AppArmor Command provides a number of key capabilities for Vanderbilt Police. For instance, in terms of providing event or emergency information out to personnel, the AppArmor Command app displays user-specific offline ready major events and emergency plans. If team members needed a detailed pocket guide for any situation, it could be found on AppArmor Command.

Communication is one of the real strengths of AppArmor Command. The app allowed for Vanderbilt Police staff to communicate in real-time via secured group chat rooms, automated conference calls that would pull appropriate app users into the bridge, and internal push notifications to broadcast important information out to select teams. These capabilities enhanced the communications options available to Vanderbilt staff and also provide a convenient way for Vanderbilt Police to chat directly with contracted security in real-time.

The EOC “full view”, or Event Management elements of AppArmor Command proved to be exceptionally valuable for Vanderbilt. In advance of major planned events on campus, say a baseball game, Vanderbilt would be able to use the AppArmor Command dashboard to build out an event plan, select key personnel for different roles during various game posts (including what duties had to be accomplished) and track the progress in real-time. The position of officers could also be relayed in real-time and displayed on a large map in the AppArmor Command dashboard.

Vanderbilt is now able to track its officers as they complete essential security tasks for any major event on campus. It was a tremendous upgrade over older, and in some cases, analog systems. The combination of improved communications, better documentation and real-time officer tracking have led to significant efficiency gains at Vanderbilt.

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