Business Continuity Simplified.

AppArmor works with major corporations to help improve business continuity and emergency response
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“AppArmor provides us with the ability to engage our teams utilizing a modern, proactive, and easy-to-use platform which is available to employees throughout our organization.”

Scott Brinkman, Manager Corporate Security, Exact Sciences Corporation

AppArmor works with numerous major corporations in the United States and Canada. These clients include a major defense contractor for the US Navy, Canada’s largest commercial real-estate firm, a major private laboratory, and many more. Our feature set is easily configured to meet the needs of major firms; our enterprise-level deployments provide companies with an easy and powerful way to keep their staff safe.

Namely, AppArmor Safety, AppArmor Alert, AppArmor Command, AppArmor Report and AppArmor WorkAlone are most popular with corporations. The issues tackled include staff mass notification, internal team communication during various color-coded emergencies, anonymous whistleblowing reporting, and staff working late by themselves, or off-site.

Below we’ve broken down the benefits of AppArmor to corporations. They include:

  • AppArmor Safety: Provide a custom branded emergency alerting app that can be used for both staff and on-premises visitors, such as contractors and others making it easy to keep everyone in the loop. In addition, the app can be configured to have offline emergency plan content for a simplified response by end-users.
  • AppArmor Alert: Aggregate over 12 different forms of digital alerting outside of AppArmor Safety’s push notifications via the AppArmor Alert dashboard. This system can also communicate with existing infrastructure, such as IP phones, PA systems, and more.
  • AppArmor Command: Address the communication and emergency response needs of your EOC, C-Suite, and Business Continuity groups making it easier to respond to threats and issues in real-time.
  • AppArmor Report: Provide your staff with a mobile and website anonymous reporting platform for whistleblowing and other important issues, improving corporate accountability.
  • AppArmor WorkAlone: Automate the check-ins that your team has to execute to ensure a staff member is safe when working alone or at a remote location.

We've seen many different challenges at different organizations; any AppArmor product lines can be combined to meet those challenges. Learn more about our product lines below or reach out to us today for a free trial.

Technology to make people safer

Our 6 product lines help individuals stay informed and safe in important situations. Whether that's a safety app at a school, or an emergency notification system for your business, AppArmor is here to help you protect your team.
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    AppArmor Safety

    Custom branded mobile safety apps with over 50 powerful features that keep your community informed and protected.

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    AppArmor Alert

    A unified emergency notification system that aggregates over 12 forms of digital alerting.

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    AppArmor Command

    A powerful command and control platform for emergency operation centers and response teams.

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    AppArmor Report

    Advanced incident reporting platform that automatically routes reports to the right stakeholders.

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    AppArmor WorkAlone

    Automated working alone check in system that alerts your team or a third party in a crisis.

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    AppArmor Academia

    Integrated instutition mobile apps that inspire your community to stay engaged and motivated.

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